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How is mezcal drinking?

Is this your first time with mezcal?

If you want to venture out and try mezcal for the first time, you’re probably wondering how mezcal is meant to be enjoyed? Which is the correct way? In this article we’re going to give you several suggestions so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

First, we recommend that you try it in a cocktail before, because for many people the taste of mezcal is very strong. If you’re already going to taste it directly, don’t shake the bottle, otherwise the first thing you will perceive in your mouth will be ethanol.

Learn these steps if you don’t know how mezcal is drinking

Choose a well-marked mezcal

Mezcal goes by percentage of alcohol; the CRM and the ‘norma’ for mezcal allow mezcal to be bottled between 35% and 55% ABV.  A soft one could be the one between 35 and 45 degrees, you can detect a little note on the palate. Mezcals with 45 to 55 degrees of alcohol have more sensory properties and tend to be more expensive as well as more traditional for double distilled mezcal.

Know it before drink it

One way to get to know it’s by slowly sniffing, then put a few drops in your hands, rub them until the mezcal dries, then place your palms on your nose and breathe deeply. What do you recognize? In that breath you will be able to identify the delicious aromas of mezcal, ask yourself what does it smell like? Smoked, wet ground, tobacco, herbs or peaches?

Don’t despair if you don’t recognize their tones at first, try a couple of more times because we don’t expect you to achieve this the first time. However, it’s a good way to start enjoying it.

Kiss your mezcal, don’t drink it completely

Something important that you must learn is that mezcal is made to be enjoyed slowly, that’s why it’s never drunk in one sip, rather it’s kissed. We mean that when they serve it to you in an appropriate mezcal vessel, raise it to your lips and sip a little, being that the initial sip can be a surprise to your palate if you are not accustomed to it already.

In general, the first drink will taste like higher alcohol, although don’t be fooled because it’s until following sips that you will begin to perceive the different flavor tones.

Forget about lemon and salt, mezcal is sipped on its own

In some bars or restaurants they usually serve it with lemons or oranges, but a better option to get to know your mezcal is by enjoying it on its own, being that when combined with other elements its flavor is altered and you miss out on enjoying it as it should. This drink is delicious and complex, for this reason it’s advisable to drink it alone.

Savor it

The flavor of your mezcal will depend a lot on the production process to which it has been subjected, for example, if it was prepared in a traditional earth-oven it’s likely that through this cooking process it will impart a smoky flavor.  The open air and wild yeast influenced can create a lot of depth of flavor and aroma that include herbal, fruity and woody flavor amongst many others. Try to identify its aroma and flavor because savoring it’s one of the best things about taking mezcal.

A factor that helps a lot to identify the taste, is the container where you serve it. We recommend serving it in a mezcal glass, such as a copita or veladora,  if you don’t have one on hand you can also use those where they serve cognac.

Don’t make faces or gestures when drinking it

Try to keep your composure.  Like anything new it takes time to become accustomed to it.  It is ill advised to make gestures when drinking it;  in order to try to avoid making facial gestures, remember to blow it lightly and take it with kisses. An interesting aspect is that the mezcal masters say that people who make faces when drinking is because they have no peace with the spirit, so if you don’t want them to think that about you, relax and enjoy it calmly.  Just like other master mezcal consumers, trust us, you will learn to sip and kiss a lot more traditional mezcal in the future.

Now that you know how mezcal is drinking, you can go to La Luna Mezcal, get to know the mezcal of flavor and expressions that we have for you and taste this drink as our ancestors did because remember that our brand exalts the history of this traditional product as well as that of our country and especially being a Michoacan mezcal.

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