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Mezcal is a traditional Mexican beverage, steeped in history, created by fermenting and distilling the heart (piña) of the agave (maguey) with a process passed down through centuries by the people who live where agave grows.

With this method in mind, we wanted to create the best mezcal in Los Angeles and all surrounding areas. As the San Francisco World Spirits Competition winner of 2021, we dedicate our days to producing a traditional, artisanal and ancient spirit.

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La Luna Mezcal is dedicated to producing this artisanal and ancient spirit, carefully crafting each batch according to tradition.

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Searching for authentic, artisanal agave mezcal for sale?  

Our objective is to preserve the culture and history of mezcal, so our product is 100 percent artisanal in every aspect of production from agave selection through distillation. 

Here’s how we do it:

At altitudes of above 2,000 meters (6,600 feet), both wild and cultivated magueys are harvested when they reach maturity. Then their piñas are cooked in cone-shaped earthen ovens lined with volcanic rock, heated by moist white oak, and covered by agave leaves (pencas), palm leaf mats, and dirt.

After roasting, the piñas are macerated and fermented by indigenous yeasts in open-air wooden vats, then distilled twice in copper pans inside traditional pinewood stills or ancestral clay pots.


La Luna Mezcal originates in one of the most abundant regions in Mexico, with its untamed ocean, vast avocado groves, and forest sanctuaries harboring Monarch butterflies. Michoacán also has a rich cultural history of craftsmanship. The story of this land continues with La Luna and outstanding artisanal products that pay homage to a beautiful state.


Michoacán is one of eight states that have the Denominación de Origen necessary to produce and distribute mezcal in Mexico and other parts of the world.

With production located in the green mountainous areas of Michoacán, La Luna Mezcal stands out for its dedication to methods passed down by generations of local families who made artisanal and ancestral mezcal.


If you’re searching for good mezcal to buy in Mexico, we can do you one better. We have high-quality mezcal alcohol for sale on our website, offering a convenient way to browse, shop, and sip.

From maguey to mezcal tequila for sale, we make a variety of mezcals to offer our customers a wide choice of distinctive expressions. Everyone from the experienced agave fan to the casual consumer enjoy Mexico’s best mezcal, La Luna.

Manso (tame) is produced from agave cultivated in the region of Jiquilpan and the municipality of Sahuayo just north of Cotija, Michoacán. This maguey is known locally as Cenizo for the characteristic gray color of its leaves. Manso Sahuayo mezcal bursts with sweet fruit, cheese, and vanilla aromas and flavors.

Our ensamble is a blend of two species of agave that were co-fermented and co-distilled. Combining the characteristics of Chino (wild A. cupreata) and Manso Sahuayo has produced a mezcal that is very complex, supple, full-flavored, and lasting yet remarkably smooth and refreshing on the palate.
Also called Weber’s blue agave, A. tequilana is a blue-gray-hued species with three- to four-foot-long narrow leaves (similar to A. augustafolia var. espadín, the primary agave of Oaxaca), and it’s the only species used to make tequila. Tequilana displays citrus, spice, custard, white pepper, and a hint of smoke.
This A. cupreata is called Chino (curly hair) for the curled copper-hued spines on its leaves. Often found shaded by trees and competing with grass and brush, Cupreata in the wild is often darker green than when cultivated. This stylish mezcal typically shows citrus, evergreen, and slightly savory characteristics.

The maguey in this mezcal grows wild and very tall near Cotija and around Patzcuaro in central Michoacán. Colloquially known as Alto (tall), it often exceeds 2 meters and can reach 3 meters in height. Clean, earthy aromas and complex flavors combine in this bold yet elegant mezcal.

Made mostly from cultivated A. cupreata, this is an expression ideal for introducing tasters to mezcal. Its bright, floral nose, citrus flavors, smooth textures, and delicate touch of smoke make it ideal for cocktails.


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