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La Luna Mezcal

Where to buy Mezcal?

Roasted agave, pronounced aromas, textures, and flavors are the main flavor and characteristics of a good mezcal; when we’re on the search to acquire one, we want it to be the best, but where to buy mezcal?

We know that online shopping has taken great popularity, however, there’s always the fear about whether we’ll really receive the product we expect and that of course, it has the qualities that they promise us and the same happens when we want to get a good mezcal, because we want it to have the best flavor, density and go through the best processes for its production. So, here we’ll tell you where to buy mezcal.

What is mezcal?

To begin with, mezcal is an alcoholic beverage that is an important part of Mexican culture and that represents it worldwide, since it was considered as the concoction of the gods as they were the only ones worthy of consuming it.

There are many myths around mezcal, one of the best known is about a strong storm that hit an agave field where several rays struck, which caused the creation of the liquor, where the Goddess Mayahuel was put in charge to provide this drink to men.

The truth is that mezcal production is a practice that has been carried out for hundreds of years and has been passed from generation to generation with both ancestral and artisanal procedures, although with the passage of time other types of methods have been introduced for its elaboration.

In order to obtain this typical drink it’s used the plant known as agave or maguey of succulent type, which takes up to 7 or 8 years to be harvested, to later continue with the entire production process that mezcal requires.

The process begins by obtaining the heart or piña found in the agave, then the best of them are cut into pieces and then they’re placed in an earthen oven to be cooked with firewood and hot river stones, remaining for 4 to 5 days with temperatures that reach up to 900 °C.

Once cooked, the agaves are macerated.   Depending on the region and/or tradition, the maceration can take place by placing the cooked agave in a stone mill of great weight that rotates in circles, which is pulled by a horse with the objective of getting them crushed and to get its main juices and fibers that are known as bagasse or this same process can be accomplished by wooden mallets and done by hand.

The juices and fibers are collected to introduce them into large wooden vats which are mixed with a certain portion of water, letting them to ferment, where the ones in charge of producing the alcohol sugars are the fructose yeasts.

Finally, the fermented product is introduced into stills for its distillation by live wood fire, which allows the extraction of mezcal essence, usually the product is passed twice through this process in order to be bottled.  Depending on the region the distillation stills can be of copper, wood, or other local vessels that are traditional for that region.

Where to buy mezcal online?

In search of buying mezcal on the internet it’s possible to find a wide variety of options, sizes, prices, flavors and more, but before you make any purchase make sure they provide you the best quality.

To know where to buy mezcal online it’s essential to do it on a page that’s totally safe and where you know the expression types offered in it, with the purpose of choosing the one you like the most; these main characteristics are fulfilled by the La Luna Mezcal store.

La Luna Mezcal, an excellent option

La Luna Mezcal is the best place if you’re looking where to buy mezcal, since we’re known for offering high quality products, and because each of our expressions go through strictly supervised processes, implementing in them the artesanal and ancestral techniques that distinguish this drink.

In addition, we guarantee that the purchases in our online store are totally safe and easy, as well as our shipping costs that are completely accessible, reaching all the states of the Mexican Republic and the United States.

Why buy mezcal from La Luna Mezcal?

You should choose to acquire one of the artisanal mezcals of La Luna Mezcal, originally from the lands of Michoacán, which are distinguished by meeting the highest quality standards; in addition, we have a range of flavors meant to satisfy the strictest palates, which are produced with different agaves. They’re also ideal to accompany your meals or share a good family time or a special occasion.

How much does a good mezcal cost?

The cost of a good mezcal will go according to the quality it offers, so they tend to change, but we assure you that in La Luna Mezcal we’ve the best prices and mezcals of the entire market.

Now that you know where to buy mezcal, don’t hesitate to enter our store and select the product that is most of your liking. All you’ve to do is fill out a form with the basic data to receive it in the comfort of your home. Buy your mezcal at a great price here! Discover Mezcal cocktail recipes people created and shared with us that you will love!

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