Double Gold at SF World Spirits Competition!

La Luna mezcal won double gold for our Chino expression at the San Francisco World Spirits  Competition 2020, and the Tequilana and Manso Sahuayo medaled as well. 


Double gold is awarded to the entries that receive a Gold medal rating by all members of the judging panel; these are among the finest products in the world.


Forbes, A Comprehensive Guide To The Best Mezcals: 25 Bottles To Try Now

“If you want to taste the same kind of agave that has been converted into a spirit in an heirloom manner, try La Luna Tequilana. They’ve roasted the agave in a stone-lined earthen oven, milled it by hand using wooden mallets, fermented it open-air in wooden barrels, and distilled it in wood-fired copper stills. Sip it slowly, neat, and experience the taste that created the demand for tequila a hundred years ago.”

-Business Insider, The 11 Best Mezcal Brands You Need to Try, According to 4 Experts

"Simply put, this is one of the best mezcals I have ever tasted," said Lampert. It's big and robust and somehow still goes down so easy, with an endless finish. I absolutely crave it."

-Inside Hook, How to Make Great Mezcal Cocktails

“That said, as far as cocktail making is concerned, your best bet is to find an affordably priced but still well produced bottle. Most likely this means mezcal made from the agave Espadin. Del Maguey’s Vida was the first to market and remains a great option, though it’s on the smoky end and can be quite assertive in cocktails. The opposite of that would be to use the Cupreata bottling from La Luna, which affordably represents the more floral, tropical end of the mezcal spectrum.”

-Mezcalistas, The Evolution of La Luna Mezcal

“In many ways, La Luna is the mezcal story of our times— a return to the homeland by an immigrant son who is creating jobs, shining a light on an under appreciated region of Mexico, and making quality mezcal. “

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