• Salvador Chavez

Exclusive: Jabalí Pechuga

We are excited to announce a very special and limited edition pechuga mezcal made in honor of #MezcalWeek 2020. Pechugas introduce flavoring ingredients into a mezcal and we used some of Michoacán's most loved ingredients along with an ensamble of bruto and cupreata agaves. It was made in collaboration with Morenos Liquors in Chicago, and is available for pre-sale now with bottles expected to arrive by mid-December.

Jabalí means wild boar in Spanish, and there is a long history of hunting in our mezcalero's family. We also brought in the flavors of Michoacán with avocados— the majority of the world's supply is grown right here in Michoacán. Seasonal fruit tejocote and epazote (aromatic herbs) were added as well.

Pechugas are made by hanging the meat in our stills (think like hanging botanicals for gin) and other ingredients are incorporated into the distillation. They are typically made during celebrations, and this bottle is a project straight from our heart to yours honoring the power of community, collaboration and creativity.

Find the special edition pechuga at Moreno's while available.

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